Here’s why tyres are important for your car and safety

Tyres are not something that new car owners, at least, give much thought to. The point is, tyres look sturdy and hardly give you any problems, which is why they go unnoticed.

However, Tyres Stockport doesn’t stir up trouble when they are new. If you leave your tyres unattended for a long time, you may begin to see problems with your car and its handling. To avoid issues that can have grave outcomes, you should learn about the importance of tyres and other essential bits about them.

Why are tyres important?

Tyres seem simple enough to understand, right? Well, there’s more to it. Tyres are responsible for many things. First of all, tyres help you to travel. Quite obvious, granted. Tyres make it possible for your car to travel through a variety of terrains. It propels your vehicle forward.

Tyres also enhance your driving experience. Good condition tyres will ensure that your car does not swing in one direction or begin to vibrate.

Apart from that, tyres add a massive security layer to your vehicle, be it a bus, car, or truck. The treads on the tyres help your vehicle to smoothly travel over any surface. Of course, you can find tyres made specifically for some terrains. However, standard tyres also offer you some help with this.

Lastly, the rubber compounds in the tyres are designed specifically to last long in harsh weather conditions. Whether you have summer tyres or winter tyres, the rubber compounds are engineered to stay strong and durable despite the harshness.

Choosing good-quality tyres gives you ease. You add performance to your car. From driving at high speeds to braking, quality tyres help you make the most of your car.

Everything to know about your car tyres

Car tyres are simple things. You do not need to constantly update your knowledge regarding the same. All you will need is some basic knowledge and research, and you’re good to go!

When you decide to get some new tyres for your car, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

The construction of car tyres: Car tyres are designed as per specific requirements. There are safety standards and protocols to be followed. Additionally, the construction type of the tyre refers to the aspect of summer, winter, and run-flat tyres.

As the name suggests, summer tyres are for hot and dry weather, and winter tyres are for wet or snowy days. Apart from that, run-flat tyres are for those who travel long distances. The primary attraction of the run-flat tyres is that these can last for long distances even after being punctured.

  • Then you have standard and all-season tyres.

Design types: Tyres are available in different kinds of designs. Technically speaking, the design of a tyre will directly influence the performance of the tyre. There are passenger tyres, off-road type tyres, heavy-duty tyres, etc.

For example, car tyres do not have much to do with the design aspect, these are simply made. When compared to heavy-duty tyres, which have ply layers, belts, etc. Car tyres do not have such requirements,

  • Additionally, car tyres are designed with specific unique requirements. Different car tyre manufacturers have different ways and designs.

Parts of the tyre: Before you start driving, understand the basic structure of the tyre. For example, a tyre is made of casing and sidewall. The casing is defined as the part of a tyre excluding steel belts and treads. Then there’s the sidewall, which has alpha-numeric markings on it. And lastly, there are treads, which are uniform gaps that run all of the tyres to add grip to the tyres.

  • Belts, beads, shoulders, and other aspects are more common for heavy-duty and off-roading tyres.

With that said, you can always get some help. If you are not sure of the tyres you need, you can ask professionals to help you out. You can also speak to the staff at the Continental Tyres Stockport store.


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